Ways To Make Your Teachers Happy

The unruly behavior of students make teacher in the school days are off limits, but professional as they are, they will not be easily discouraged by this type of challenge in the classroom. Teachers are also taught to treat children with this type of behavior problems. But as students, we also have our obligations to feel their nerves, spending about eight hours to be present in the classroom – of course it would be stressful for the teacher. Stay long and faithfully teaching students is a big task that we never appreciated our teachers. Remember that the teacher’s biggest contribution is YOU and what you have become, to make your way to show appreciation for teachers is a great effort.

If you don’t know yet how to respond to the dedication of your teachers, to make citizens aware and educated of the country, try to consider these steps to make your teachers happy.

  • Be nice – Whenever you meet a teacher in the school, try to be courteous to your teacher with words like “Hello madam, How are you, Sir” or something like that. Greeting is the oldest and most effective way of showing respect for our teachers.
  • Give him/her fresh flowers – it’s very important to you for being thoughtful, as a student. If you get fresh flowers in the garden of your house and give them as a as a flowers bucket for teachers, which would be much better. The scent of fresh flowers in the morning will make your teachers relaxed in the classroom.
  • Listen, interact in class discussions – Teachers always want their students to be interactive and attentive during class discussions. This means they understand their lessons, and a great success for educators. The observation of their students are struggling in the debate would give them a headache.
  • Controlling behavior – Have a control of your behavior at school would be a great help for teachers. This means respecting your teachers, during class discussions, do not shout or do anything that distracting the classroom sessions. Make your teacher have a headache just show your rebellious attitude and disrespect to the class of authority. Thus, show your respect.
  • Secretly send greetings in the box – one of the best ideas will be welcomed by teachers on the class about the message box. Give your greetings to teachers in the morning and appreciation. All your good wishes and inspirations to make your teacher very proud of his profession. In this way, there is a great possibility that he would also do its best to do well during school hours.
  • Always say “Thank you Madam” – Do not forget to say thank you for everything you’ve learned over the last day of class. Say, for example, the last day of the week is Friday, remember to thank learned during the five days of schooldays.
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3 Responses to “Ways To Make Your Teachers Happy”

  1. maririn says:

    haha. kren nih cc frel!
    tips2nya bisa diterapkan juga nih!
    good job ^^

  2. Hahaha, aslinya ini tips ngaco. Kayaknya ini ga bakal mempan ama gurunya Maria yang suka dikatain jelek itu.

  3. FengFu168 says:


    tau gak apa yg bs bkin tuh guru jelek seneng?
    Kasi aj stuff2 berbau porno pasti seneng tuh hahahaha

    haduh kurang th tipsnya
    tambahin donk jd:

    tell your teacher that they are pretty or handsome :p

    do some chit chats with them, so you can get closer to them and they can consider you as a friendly student

    study well, show improvements in his/ her subject!

    Do some small tasks for them, for example: help them carry heavy stuffs!


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