Top 15 Strangest Scholarships

Top 15 Strangest Scholarships

Thousands of soon-to-be students are hunting for extra financial assistance for college tuition. Without a perfect SAT score or the ability to run a sub 4.5 forty yard dash, you might find your chances of securing a scholarship aren?t looking too bright. However, you might not realize that your odd talent or hobby may make you the perfect applicant for one of these 15 strange but real scholarships.

Oink, Oink

Has your room been compared to a sty? Are you comfortable living in a messy habitat? These aren?t requirements for a scholarship, but they are attributes of the creatures you care about ? pigs! If you?re interested in creatures of the bovine persuasion, this is the scholarship for you; the International Boar Semen (IBS) Scholarship is available for those interested in swine management. For more information, visit

The Next Generation of . . . Klingons

Trekkies, leave your capes, figurines, posters and other memorabilia behind. Just bring, well, yourself! Klingon Language Institute, in an effort to promote language study, awards one lucky winner a $500 Kor Memorial Scholarship?but don?t worry, fluency in Klingon is not a requirement. Check out the requirements for this scholarship at:

Think Tall Thoughts

You?ve got Michael Jordan?s stature but you?re about as agile as a water buffalo. That?s okay with Tall Clubs International! Males over 6?2? and females above 5?8? are encouraged to apply. The reward is no small (pun intended) amount either; awards a whopping $1,000 scholarship to the winner. Find more info at:

Yo, Shorti!

For the vertically challenged, the Billy Barty Foundation offers scholarships to students of ?short stature?. Similarly, the Little People of America awards students ? and their families ? scholarships. To join, members must be 4?10? and shorter. Scholarship amounts range from $250 to $1000. Read all the requirements at:

More Trans fat, please!

Say goodbye to the cabbage soup, grapefruit only, or south beach diets! The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance encourages ?fat? people to apply for one of their two merit-based scholarships. The scholarships, offered to already-existing NAAF members, awards $1,000 for first place, while the second place prize is $500. For more fat-friendly information regarding the scholarships, go to:

For the Herbivores

Calling all veggie-lovers around the world! Two health-conscious winners will be awarded $5,000 in scholarship money from the Vegetarian Resource Group. But be forewarned: unless you love your legumes, this scholarship is not for you. Eligible applicants must not only exemplify a healthy lifestyle, but also promote vegetarianism within their community too. For more information visit:

Sk8 through School

Thanks to Tony Hawk and a few scrapes, bruises, and breaks, your skateboarding skills may have finally paid off. The Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship program awards four different scholarships each year. One applicant will receive a $5,000 college scholarship and three others will receive $1,000 awards. And your mother thought skateboarding would never get you anywhere! Requirements include maintaining at least a 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA, be a graduating senior, and a United States citizen. Be sure to read all the requirements

Bit of the Bubbly, Please

Finally, your weakness for wine might serve another purpose?besides the pounding morning-after headache. The American Society for Enology and Viticulture (AASEV) awards multiple students for enrolling in science fields relating to the grape and wine industry. The scholarship amount is not predetermined; it varies year to year. To read other requirements for this scholarship, go to:

Bowling for Dollars

Though those middle-school years of loitering around bowling alleys have ended, your talent for earning turkeys may finally be cashing in. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) offers a range of scholarships, including the Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow that offers a $1,500 renewable scholarship for distinguished male high school bowlers and the Alberta E. Crow Star of Tomorrow that also offers $1,500 in renewable scholarship funds for great female high school bowlers. Read more at:

Got Milk?

The Scholar-Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year award is given to twenty-five graduating high school seniors who have what it takes to sport the famous milk mustache; winners receive $7,500 in scholarship funds. If that?s not enough, winners receive a special ad that runs in USA Today. If that?s not enough, winners receive an all-expense trip to an awards ceremony at Disney Wide World of Sports? Milk House in Orlando, FL and an induction into the Milk House Hall of Fame. Check out applications at:

Offer an Organ

You signed up to be an organ donor when you received your license. Put that heart on your ID to use! The Students for Organ Donation Youth Leadership award one or two $500 to $1,000 scholarships to full-time high school or undergraduate college students. Successful candidates actively promote organ donation and transplantation. More criteria to apply for this scholarship can be found at:

Tee It Up

You?ve seen them trudging up and down the greens, toting thirty pounds of iron on their backs, and offering tips to improve swings, distance and posture. Finally, they?re due their recognition; Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund, founded in 1949, offers anywhere from $1,500 to $7,500 per year to caddies. Eligible applicants must have served at least two years as caddies, helpers in the pro shop or course superintendent operations at a club in Massachusetts. Read more information:

Color in the Lines

Did you meticulously color in the lines of your coloring books as a child? You may have graduated from crayons to acrylics, but the concept is the same: you?re an artist at heart. Established in 1983, the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrator of the Future contest awards both quarterly and annual scholarships, ranging from $1,500 to $4,000. Read more :

Hot, Hot, Hot

You?ve heard it, those three little words?in case of a fire: stop, drop and roll to safety. Earning a scholarship from the American Fire Sprinkler Association is almost just as easy; AFSA offers ten $2,000 scholarships per year to graduating high school seniors. Requirements include reading an essay and taking an online (and open-book) test. Read more about this sizzling offer on:

Giddyup, cowboy!

The Arabian Horse Foundation offers an annual scholarship of $2,500 to one eligibly equine enthusiast. The scholarship, named in remembrance of William Zekan, is offered to horse lovers that demonstrate financial need, are currently either a high school senior or college freshman and can provide two letters of recommendation. For more eligibility criteria:

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Meet some of Google’s Anita Borg Scholarship recipients and get an inside look at their 3 day retreat at Google’s Zurich office.

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  1. Guitaaaarist says:

    No it’s actually french it’s called “Thé à la menthe” by La Caution

  2. Tiger66261 says:

    When the music started I spurted water all over the screen

  3. Zainu M says:

    Well a scholarship is a reward for good hard work. Its a way to make college tuition easier on your parents. Its not something that you will just get its something that you earn. You will compete against thousands of other kids that want the same scholarship and you have to prove that you are the best one for the reward and that you will use it wisely….review boards will not give it to a student that did nothing in school and has no potential of getting a degree.

    Grades are important! Good grades show a student that is serious about getting a good education and improving their life. Volunteering is another great opportunity to earn a scholarship…volunteering shows selflessness, willing to give of your own time to improve the lives of other in your community. Then there is always leadership scholarship, this you have to show leadership skills, you can do this by holding an office in one of your schools after school programs such as FCCLA or FCA.

    I worked hard to get and keep my scholarships, its not something that you can just hope that its given to you. You have to work hard and prove that you deserve the scholarship.

  4. Cupcake says:

    its easy and most famous,u can draw a house[villa] in the corner and a big tree on the other corner ,draw a nest on the tree.paint the ground green colour to look as if it is a grass.
    hope it is fine

  5. TheViddyVids says:

    is that indian music?

  6. xPHEONIX68x says:

    (Translation; Unbelievable)
    That was crazy.

  7. Life experiences, hardships, sad stories about how you are the first in your family to go to college. Reasons about why and how you plan to succeed in life, how you want to take care of your mom.

  8. ncosby says:

    2:34 funniest part hahaa

  9. Anonymous says:

    Give your dad the tuition bill when you don't get the scholarship. That will motivate him.

  10. You might be eligible for 100% scholarships. Or 70% scholarship and 30% work-study. Tell them you are willing to work in the campus food service..

  11. what is the song during the hold called- the techno part

  12. Jann D says:

    That sounds like a wonderful undertaking!

    Here's an article on setting up Scholarship Funds… it includes some suggested resources, which will probably be helpful:

    Here's a link to an FAQ (frequently asked questions) regarding setting up scholarships:

    Good luck!

  13. gia m says:

    Contact your local high school counselor, they should have all the info you need.

  14. wow, that was so incredibly mean – poor kid, but it was a bit funny regardless – awesome music, btw

  15. John says:

    Some scholarships are paid directly to you. These are usually not related to the college you're attending. Most scholarships are paid directly to the college.

    In most cases, you get "financial aid Christmas" — that's a day each semester when we get all of the excess financial aid money in our financial aid account. ?

    Caution though – many scholarships are need based. That means if you get another scholarship that covers cost, you no longer have "need" and drop that one.

    Know too – very often, if there is excess money (above tuition) in your financial aid account, you can charge your books to that account at the campus bookstore. There may be an application fee to allow this – look into it. Otherwise, you have to buy your books out of your pocket well before 'financial aid Christmas'.

  16. OmGiTzNiCk says:

    that was so mean = BUT I LOL’D

  17. buggerman10 says:

    whats the link to the add

  18. Pineapple says:

    Even though a 3.1 GPA is great, a lot of scholarships like to single out the 3.5 and above.

    Have you considered tuition waivers from your college or program you are in?

    There are certain programs, unfortunately, that just simply do not have the funding or endorsement that others do, and some programs, unfortunately, are just simply going to cost more out of your own pocket.

    I would get with your college counselor, and see if they can shed any new light for you.

    Best of luck!!!

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