The school, between school and higher education

What today’s high school? If the summit came a succession of structural reforms, sometimes significant, they did little to move the frameworks of the educational relationship: class, lecture, the policy decision, the pathways differentiated repetition by default, service teachers. The external pressures – changes in economic and social rules, modes of transmission of knowledge and forms of knowledge – have created an overriding obligation of the movement, forcing the Lyceum to reposition themselves in education between compulsory school and higher education to no longer simply extend one for most students (80%), not to prepare than half of an age to pursue higher studies, leaving behind him the 1/5th ‘s generation.

Among the common set of skills unique college system and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) the LMD model, which today are the ambition, the dynamics of high school in the training and support for various figures of the student?
Today as yesterday, in terms of fairness and adaptation to the real world we should measure the effects of a successful training course for every student – regardless of his birth, his projects, networks – leaving the school: he graduated? Is he prepared to pursue higher education long or short? Is he qualified enough to tackle the job? Will it adequately equipped to mobilize its lasting achievements and skills in an ever changing society? We selected 4 themes to structure the file and, for each of the issues that need your contributions:

Transforming schoolboy

How the school will he after college? The second training is it seen as a post base common? Continuity? A necessary break?
Where and how to actually practice the individual patterns?
How are used individualized support and disciplinary modules (multi-, trans-disciplinary)?
What are the arrangements accompanying the most appropriate (individual, small groups, mentoring …)
How to shape an identity schoolgirl by integrating the diversity of social origins, economic, cultural students and teachers?

Accompany the guidance process and the proposed student

How to better educate the choices, strategies for positive guidance?
What types of support at every level from high school?
Who are the actors and tools in the service of student information?
There are channels for excellence in every way in higher education. How to find them, make them accessible?
Y was he of time training in business?
Say how the fluidity and flexibility of the course between rounds, between courses, between training routes?

Prepare for higher education

What specific skills must be worked and learned in high school to prepare for higher education? How to prepare students to adapt to the demands of higher education, other training environments?
What are the current valuation methods that measure more than does the degree and the skills acquired transferable (eg to language assessment, tests of experimental capabilities in mathematics and science in terminal)?
Access to higher education is increasingly linked to social background of students, how to offset them? What structures, what educational devices? What matters?
What proceedings Study after vocational school, how prepared do we students in the LP choice of higher education?
What a partnership school – higher education successful, profitable?

Changing work practices

The teachers agree they in duties other than teaching: project coordination? Professor referent in the accompanying guidance? Teamwork? Participation in the Council for? Network operation in a catchment area? What record do they?
What tasks other than teaching do they move back into it?
Are they prepared for these new modes of support? What assistance the institution gives them she? What gratitude?
What place for different actors: senior education? Counselors psychologists? Nurses? Social workers?
What is the role of school inspectors, headmasters in the conduct or the coaching change from high school?

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