some crazy story, which really happened in my class~

In the English lab….
miss: reach your dream…
Charlie: My dream is building a house under the sea.
Dio : Later I’ll build a house on the air (not ‘in’, I don’t know what he meant)
Jethro : I’ll build a bird’s nest at my neighbor’s house!
Filbert : Aah, you’re all stupid la. I’ll build a house at the Moon.
Vincent : I’ll make the anti-destruction house 8D
Whole class: wooow!!
Miss : What will you build that with?
Filbert : maybe using clay??
Whole class : *throws bottles* CRAZY!!! XP
This was what happened in the afternoon ;p
posting this JFF xD

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2 Responses to “some crazy story, which really happened in my class~”

  1. Angel says:

    Lol.. I miss all those crazy comments we make in class when we were in school/college.. I miss Uni life too. Working life sucks.. *SOB*

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