Short Knowledge About Pilates Movement Method

The Pilates Method is a training system focused on improving the fluidity of movement, strength throughout the body, without creating too much muscle mass. But Pilates is not just physical exercise, mental and physical coordination is also important where is the breath allowing in a few sessions to strengthen your back and maintain a more correct. Concentration is important to control the movement. Here are the pros and cons of the discipline.


Developed in 1920 by renowned trainer Joseph Pilates, Pilates called his method Contrology, referring to the way the method encourages the use of the mind to control muscles. It is a program of exercises that focus on postural muscles, ie, those muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support to the spine. The method is also indicated in the field of postural rehabilitation. In particular, Pilates exercises do become aware of breath and alignment of the spine by strengthening the muscles of the deep plane of the trunk, very important to help alleviate and prevent back pain.

The Pilates method has no trademark registration for which every physical education teacher can bring the motor to his style and his personality, but you must redo the basic principles of Pilates are six:

Breathing: always well controlled and guided by the aid of the teacher as in the practice of yoga (specifically in the Pilates exercise and breathe in the start time of increased effort in breathing out, unlike yoga, you breathe through your nose and exhale with both the nose and mouth with every exercise has a definite rhythm);
Center of gravity: seen as a center of power and control of the whole body;
Precision: every movement has to move closer to perfection, a working closed circuit where the teacher must have continuous feedback by the student;
The concentration: attention and concentration in each exercise, the mind must be the supervisor for every single part of the body;
Control: control over every part of the body, you should not make reckless and careless movements;
The flow: this principle is the synthesis of all the previous concepts. In its most sublime Pilates is “poetry in motion”

In conclusion, this is a type of exercise very interesting, although in some respects peculiar and, in some equipment, even a little ‘curious. Is not supported, like many other training methods today a strong tendency for scientific documentation, but has some very positive aspects with a few drawbacks which arise from the fact that these are mainly anaerobic exercise (the type of training should therefore be associated with aerobic exercise) and there is a bit ‘too much “marketing” around the system that sometimes comes at the expense of the welfare of those who practice.

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