Self-Introduction in Chinese Mandarin

If you have to introduce yourself to Chinese people or those who can only speak in Chinese, it’s better for you to use their language; so you can be easily appreciated by them!

One thing to remember: speak it properly, but don’t act like you are a real Chinese! They will just laugh at you if you do that.

First of all, greet them with “hello” to show that you’re a friendly person. A proper “hello” in Chinese is “n? h?o” [??] from the word n? (you) [?] and h?o [?] (good).

To introduce your name just say:

“W? sh? [your name]”

“? ? [your name]”

It consists of the words:

  • W? [?] = me
  • Sh? [?] = to be (is, am, are)

For example, if I want to introduce myself so it should be something like this:

“N? h?o. W? sh? Feng Fu.”

“??? ? ? ???”

[“Hello. My name is Feng Fu”]

Done? Yes, just that!

Chinese people don’t usually introduce their age, so there’s no need for you to tell your age.


  • You better introduce your family name also; I don’t put my family name because Feng Fu [??] is just my pen name in here. :)
  • Family name in Chinese is always put in the front, before the name. (For example: my family name is L? [?] and my name is Feng Fu [??] so it will be written as L? Feng Fu [???]

If you ask me, why there’s a weird line in every word like “?” or “?”?

Well, it’s another explanation, it’s called the tone expression; so it shows the way how you should say it with particular tones.

Different tones, different meanings; and yes it’s another explanation!

So that’s how we introduce ourselves in Chinese; it’s in a simple way but it’s also a common way to use!

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9 Responses to “Self-Introduction in Chinese Mandarin”

  1. Haiyaaaa…….
    It’s complicated, I can’t even spell it. I only can speak “Gong Xi Fat Chai aaaa…..”

  2. JustGunnar says:

    naiz info, I must say.
    But this iz just a basic of the basic in Chinese language right?
    Chinese language should be more complicated than these~

  3. FengFu168 says:

    Hey, because this is very basic so it has to be learned first

    To understand things mean to understand the basic too

    From what I know, to learn a language (including bahasa, Japanese, and English) you have to learn how to introduce yourself first. :)

  4. dhemz says:

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  5. Hello, thanks for suggesting ex linking, I have added your url to my link list. Please link me back. :-)
    thanks again.

  6. I absolutely love learning Mandarin Chinese! I began studying it 2 years ago, and also learning to write the characters. Very challenging and also a lot of fun! Always working on getting my tones right! ;)

  7. Allure says:

    @the Fitness Diva,
    You are really an amazing person! I didn’t know you knew how to communicate in Mandarin. Wish I could understand Mandarin.

    @Feng Fu,
    Please teach us some more.

  8. Thanks a ton! That was really helpful, I just bookmarked your website url.

  9. Gives Thanks for the write, I will add together this web site to my bookmarks, my acquaintance just stated to me about this just the other day. gracias again

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