Rumors about China

Before going to China as perhaps I imagined all the imagined seeing before: a great nation, where writing is not a blockbuster of characters that form words, but with signs (characters) that express ideas and therefore a language (written spoken or marked) is completely different from ours, imagine the Chinese classics with almond eyes and a straw hat and dirty Chinese city with small houses, dusty roads full of bicycles. I had made this picture of China so it is too often represented by television and newspapers that I often saw in Europe. As I said, I think if you have not seen China, you also imagine the same things.

When I set foot on Chinese territory, all my pre-formed images are completely gone on China: Chinese cities are clean, well organized, with spacious paved roads and cars. The huge buildings and tall buildings are really a lot compared to the few buildings that are in Europe and even America. The clothes worn by Chinese creativity and show very good taste and I have bought so many because I have a style that I find in Europe. Not to mention the food: there is an endless variety of delicious dishes, not just the simple spring rolls or spaghetti soy I ate in Chinese restaurants in Europe.

But there was something I could not help thinking … In Europe, often speak of dog meat in the Chinese menu and many people in Europe are terrified at the idea that China is allowed to eat dog meat. During my trip to China I did not find evidence for his claim. I even checked the menus Chinese (translated in English of course). I asked a Chinese friend of mine if he or his family eat dog meat, he was surprised at my question, I looked at in a very strange way as if I had made a really stupid question. My Chinese friend did not know you could eat dog meat and not think of any way want to try! So I thought maybe they were only rumors disparaging remarks about China that I read and saw in Europe. I did a quick search on the internet and I found the answer.

As you know, the Chinese population has nearly a half billion people spread over an area of 9,572,900 km2. Think Europe, where there are one thousand different cultures and we pass thought about China, which stretches for 5400 km in the direction of parallel and 3500 km in the direction of the meridians. Needless to say, in China there are many different cultures, traditions enriched with typical local dishes. Typical local belief is that dog meat protect from cold and therefore only a small part of China, we hear of people eating dog meat. I’m surprised that local custom in Europe extend to the entire country so that everyone in China is also believed that habit of eating dog meat. This thing made me think again that reviews hasty, ill-founded or unfounded prejudices, poor or approximate information often impede getting to the heart of a culture, to get to know and evaluate it with peace of mind and complete impartiality.

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