Retro Makeup

Fashion is cyclical and trends at one point become obsolete after a while, as well as trends or as refurbished or vintage retro style. This usually happens with clothes, but also in the hair and, of course, about the makeup.

One trend that makes it harder retro makeup, which are noted for their intense eyes and lips, enhancing the natural attractive female face.

For eye makeup retro style, the first thing to do is extend a liquid base of the eyelids and around the eyes, to promote the adherence of the makeup. You must be careful at all times not to get any product on the eyes.

Once you’ve harmonized the skin tone around the eyes it’s time to apply the shadows. In the eyelid to the eyebrow should apply a clear shadow on the eyelid to the eyebrow and below the eye, along the lower lash line to the line of tear, to give light to the eye. You can choose a white or golden shadow very clearly. In the mobile eye shadow should apply an intermediate level, not completely dark, gray or beige tones. The final touch is give the liquid eyeliner on along upper lash line, leaving a little beyond the eyelid to the temple, in a line slightly tilted upward.

For the lips begins lined with red liner, then apply the bright red lipstick and carefully uniform fill. To give more volume to your lips, terms outlined in a darker shade of red lipstick and gives the finishing touch by applying a little lip gloss.

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