Retro glasses the shape of your face

It is said that fashions always come back. What happens is we say that a cycle is met. Things are subsequently transformed to make room for another completely different style. When you renew and take a look back ever again think to use or see the clothes that we like to believe that fashion is over and just stay in our memories.

It’s a real surprise to find that young people experience today taking up fashion with the retro name and giving an important place in the style of the latest fashion. Retro glasses called the 60, 70 and 80 are not far behind and conform to current times. Those huge frames, with its huge windows and elegant or hippie look back we can find on the streets more often.

This trend to resume and continue a legacy of more than thirty years old is also due to how successful are these glasses almost any type of face. To look great this type of glasses is highly recommended that we look at the size you select. The maxi size is nothing recommended for all those girls who have a small face.

For a long face is recommended retro oval glasses, but if you have the round face the best you can do is bring retro rectangular glasses and contrasts with the shape of the face and not lose so aesthetically that they can enhance your features.

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