Reasons Why People Are Blogging

Why people choose to make a blog?

There are several reasons why people go blogging, especially if they use free blogs like blogger:

  1. They want to share their opinions or writings to the world as fast as they can.
  2. They are too confused where they can publish their writings.
  3. They want to speak to the world, globally.
  4. Not just writings, they also can share things too; such as files or links.
  5. They are curious to have their own blog.
  6. They want to have a personal page in the internet that they can customize and manage by themselves.
  7. To earn money from their blog; can be their main income or extra income.
  8. They want to make new friends.
  9. They want their works to be appreciated by the world.
  10. They want to tell something like their own feelings and experiences, so people can know more about him/ her. Especially if that person has many fans.
  11. They don’t want to spend any money for a webpage/ weblog.
  12. They want to share their talents.
  13. They need it for their studies. (Yes! Somebody has ever experienced this, her teacher asked her to make a blog just for his lesson to submit some assignments.)
  14. Because it’s a trend! Most of their networks have some blogs; so why don’t they make some also?
  15. To make the readers know more about their lives and maybe to think that the bloggers are cool.
  16. They just want to give a try, especially if they don’t know anything about blogging; rather than spending money for something they don’t really understand, why would they choose a free weblog?
  17. Just for fun or to prank others; but I think this case can be founded commonly in friend finder sites like facebook or friendster
  18. And many more!

There are so many reasons that can be concluded from why people are blogging. But mostly, a personal blog gives them a personal pleasure and satisfaction! And I think, blogs are made to pull readers’ appreciations to bloggers’ creations or whatever the bloggers did in their blog; especially common things like lots of comments and visitors. Whatever the reason is, it’s come back to our own personal business and interests.

Why do you make a blog? It’s come back to your own self to answer that! You know about yourself the most than others. :)

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6 Responses to “Reasons Why People Are Blogging”

  1. JustGunnar says:

    Is this not “melenceng” from the main topic of the website?

  2. FengFu168 says:

    I also have some good reasons why I posted this

    I want to motivate people to go blogging and to make them understand why blogs are exist

    education is all about making people understand, right?

  3. JustGunnar says:

    ic what do you mean before

    but if with only that reason, it will be only 10% related to the main topic, don’t u see that?

  4. FengFu168 says:

    u want another reason?

    I want to motivate and inspire people ^_^

    Oh yes, and to answer people’s questions about blogging things

    can’t u see that also?

    even though I don’t want to start a long debate in here -___-

  5. JustGunnar says:

    okay then, I won’t talk much.

    Oi administrator! Is this post legally approved?

  6. Well, at least it will motivate us to keep blogging. Thanks for the article, Maria.

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