Part time job for your free time

Have you ever thought of having a part time job, like the ones in Mana Khemia series?

If you are a student and is tired of being jobless during long holidays, why not spend some time in taking part time jobs?

For example, you are wide in knowledge and is confident in oral communications, then being a substitute teacher is one of the most suitable choices!


Perhaps you are intelligent in crafting words and spreading ideas in written form? Get on your seats and apply for a Blogging Monetize job!

There are various options for part time job applications provided! It’s easy, fun and money making!

Remember, time is money?and experience is priceless.

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15 Responses to “Part time job for your free time”

  1. maririn says:

    ciee giooo..
    post ptama loh.. uhuii..
    maunya jadi flay aja nih =p

  2. Ni-san says:

    I’m planning to work at my brother’s cafe again XD

  3. si-san says:

    wow,I wish I have a part time job.X3

  4. JustGunnar says:

    @ cc mari:loh? bukan flay neh
    Gunnarnya doang yang ore ambil

    @ smua: thanx ya comment na!
    blom apa2 uda 5 comment ( tambah ene jadi 6)

  5. FengFu168 says:


    gile bener

    baru post ptm udha isiny making money with blog

    tp klo w yg jadi org pinterny sihh mendingan w pake kepinteran w bwt HACK account org2 yg ga sk beserta paypalny klo bs

    dpt duidny pst lbh byk tuh dan kepuasan tingkat tinggi hahaha~

    *pinter nghack ini mah~*

  6. Good job, Gio. Ga sia2 dah kau jadi guru disini.

  7. RPGholic says:


  8. JustGunnar says:

    Hei! don’t edit the post without its owner permission.
    But i think, this time I will just let you pass.

  9. Don’t oppose her, Gunnar. She has a privilege to edit any posts that she think have bad grammar. You must understand.

  10. RPGholic says:

    As predicted… I’m sued by the author. Blame Frelia for granting me the permission to.
    Just kidding.

  11. Don’t be afraid with Gunnar, he will not bites.

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