Modal verbs and expressions


Now we`ll learn about modals.

First, What are modal verbs?

Modal verbs are also called auxiliary verbs, helping verbs and modal auxiliaries.

Modal verbs are not a complete verb, and they can only be used with a verb.

The usage of modal verbs:

*Modal verbs stay in the base form -> bare infinitive (v1)

ex : eat, go, write

*The following modal verbs are used to with the present tense:

can, will, shall, ought to, must, need, may, can

*The following modal verbs are used in the past tense:

would, should, could, might

We use modal verbs and expression to :

1. Talk about obligations and necessity

*You must sleep before 11 PM

* We have to come on time

* I had to walk ten miles to get home

2. Talk about permissions and prohibition

* You can`t enter this room

* We mustn`t do this

* You can go in now

3. Talk about lack of obligation

* We don`t have to prepare anything, Bob does it for us

* You needn`t worry about Jim`s safety, i`m sure he`ll be all right

4. Talk about abilities

* I can speak Indonesian, English, Chinese and Japanese.

* I could sing when i was three

* I can`t speak french

5. Talk about possibilities

* Don`t worry. He couldn`t find us in this crowd

* I could go there and tell them anything i know

6. Make a guess or to speculate

* Today will be a rainy day

* They must have found out our identity

* She might be Korean

* She could be at the cafetaria.

7. Make predictions

* I think they won`t come

* He`ll be late again

* They may win the contest

8. Make decisions

* I`ll talk to my mom about our plan

* I won`t go back to that home

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