Linux Hosting

The Linux web hosting plans are the most common web hosting offering this type of operating system than with growing hosting plans Windows or MAC, the latter hard to find.

The option to choose a linux web hosting, often resulting in a significant reduction of the final price and a high degree of security and stability. Linux is open source technology, rather than proprietary code as the Microsoft products which significantly influences the cost of hosting.

This type of hosting allows us to have web applications based on open source technologies, which provides Linux hosting plans versatility that lack windows hosting plans.

By taking advantage of this particular platform for the development of your website, you get access to the effectiveness and efficiency of open source technologies, including among others Apache, PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby, XML, etc.. A common tendency hosting providers is to include also in their linux web hosting, support for Java.

The main drawback when choosing a web hosting linux lies in learning Linux technology. However, due to its popularity, more and more documentation, forums, blogs, etc, offer useful and varied.

Whatever web hosting you want to choose, Windows or Linux, make sure to choose the best hosting.

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