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If you do not want in your home no matter what happens on The Simpsons: Marge kitchen all day and invites friends, Homer eats without breathing, he fell off his chair, cut the turkey with electric knife and spray, keep in mind some useful rules of behavior for dinner or lunch at home.

In order to understand such rules, not make you feel tense and nervous, but on the contrary, that manages to relax and trust that you can sit at the table with any guests and make for a wonderful evening.

It all begins with an invitation

There are different ways to invite, which have varied over time, especially under the influence of technology. Currently, two of the personal media more powerful than any, are the cell phone and email.

If you’re planning a dinner a few people, whether friends or relatives, it is best to invite them by phone. If instead we want to do something in advance, you can send an email with the invitation and ask you to confirm by the same route.

Dinner confirmed steps

You have the list of guests, date and time for dinner or lunch. What should you do next?

  1. Define the menu taking into account the tastes of each guest, the time of year and your current financial situation
  2. Prepare your home for entertaining: you must clean, organize, make it smell good, you feel comfortable
  3. Prepare your best tablecloth, dishes and accessories
  4. Make a dress that makes you look good and are appropriate to the occasion

How to prepare the table?

You give it your personal touch and style to the table, according to the color of the tablecloth, the type of crockery, table centerpieces and decorations you choose, however, try to keep in mind the following rules:


If you often wonder why they both covered the side of the plate, just think that every one of them used to eat a different dish and must be ordered from the outside in, in order to serve the menu. The first covered are used to eating outside the entrance.

The correct placement of silverware

  • The forks on the left
  • The knives and spoons on the right
  • Dessert utensils in the top plate with the bowl pointing left and the handle facing right


In the table must be as many drinks as you drink to drink and be located in the top of the knives, one next to another, going from left to right, taking into account the order in which they will each drink. Always starts with the water.
Plates and napkins

Throughout dinner, you can even see it in restaurants, there is usually a ceramic base and above it, is the first course to use the input. After serving the entrance, you must remove these plates and placed on the base plate of the main meal, and so on.

The napkins can be placed in two ways: if a formal dinner, go up the plate and if it’s a casual dinner, go to the left, next to the forks. Remember that when you eat should be supported in your lap.

How to serve?

  1. Serve and removed the dishes always on the right side of the guest
  2. Served or reached creams, sauces and dressings from the left with your right hand
  3. Put the coffee cup on the right side of the guest and serve with your right hand

A good host short

What you should know, for the evening is spent successfully:

  1. Get your guests in a pleasant, polite and friendly, without exaggeration
  2. Make them go home with courtesy, showing areas of the house you want to show
  3. Talk to your guests, chatting animatedly over lunch, stay tuned for that nothing is missing: not drink ice or second portions, etc.
  4. Have the ability to control negative or uncomfortable moments of talk, get another talking point if any sharp turns
  5. Avoid putting together people who do not like them, present them together with a brief description, find common interests
  6. Dismisses the guests in a cordial and sincerely appreciates your visit

After implementing these rules, just dedicate yourself to enjoy a nice evening and a great time to share with people you care about.

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