Learn simple Japanese II

Now we`ll learn about how to introduce yourself in japanese ^^

Hiragana/Katakana??????????????? Romaji?????????????????????????? Translation

?????????????????? Hajimemashite??????????????????????? Nice to meet you (first sentence)

?????????????????????????? Watashi???????????????????????????? ????????? I

??????????????? Doozo Yoroshiku???? ?????????????? Nice to meet you (last sentence)

?????????????????????? ?? Anata???????????????????????????????????????? ?? You


????????????????? Nihon-jin??????????????????????????????? Japanese

?????????????? Chuugoku-jin??????????????????????? Chinese

???? ??????????? Amerika-jin????????????????????????? American

???????????????? Igirisu-jin????????????????????????????? British


?????????????????????? Sensei????????????????????????????????????? Teacher

??????????? ? ? ??????? Gakusei ????????????????????????????????? Student

??????????????? Kaisha-in??????????????????????????????? Company employee

How to introduce;

use particel wa (?) after subject and use desu (??)?at the last sentence.

e.g : i will say;

hajimemashite, watashi wa maririn desu. (Nice to meet you. My name is Marilyn)

Watashi wa indonesia jin desu. (I am indonesian)

Watashi wa gakusei desu (I am a student)

Okay, that`s enough for today. We`ll continue at my next post ^^

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