Kumon method of learning

Toru Kumon was born in 1956, after seeing the problems that their children had to assimilate the traditional teachings specifically in the field of mathematics and his background as a teacher of mathematics, developed this method of learning to be applied from the 4 years.

How it works

The Kumon method focuses on the repetition of logical and mathematical exercises until there is speed and skill. This type of teachings based on repetition, favors the creation of logical mental groove, is through the development of logic that children acquire skills and ability to assimilate both the traditional teachings and their application in life, quickly and no trouble understanding.

A custom method

The Kumon method has a fundamental reason for its success individualized instruction tailored to individual rhythms of each student. This method is based on the belief that every student has a learning pace, adapting instruction to the rhythm, facilitates the assimilation and development of skills with traditional teaching can not not even appear.

Mathematics and language

The two areas of learning that provides the Kumon method is based on mathematics and language. The exercises, psychometric type are repeated until the child achieves the intended goal and can move to the next level. There are 23 levels of learning.

Areas that are developed with the Kumon method

Teaching by repetition brings great and proven benefits, among which are:

  • Development of concentration
  • Grounds
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased discipline
  • Mental speed math
  • Development of reading habit

Parents, indispensable piece

One of the critical points of the Kumon learning method is the need for the presence and active participation of parents.

Classes are conducted in schools, usually set a schedule for three classes a week that aims to develop a battery of exercises at home two days in between. Kumon method exercises should be performed taking the time the child takes to make these changes, following the order established by the teachers in charge and establishing a routine that provides for the daily conduct of exercises and always at the same time.

We face an Eastern discipline method and for this reason should be clear that as the child grows and spending level, the Kumon method provides for applying lessons learned to real life and everyday after objective: acquiring habits through repetition.


Undoubtedly, the results are spectacular. We may find a child who is able to add, subtract and read by five years, a girl who can write his full name three and a solution to a problem of concentration in a few months.

But do not forget that the presence of parents and the assumption of certain immutable routines are one of the key components and essential for success.

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