Knowledge, science, scholarship and literature

To have, possess knowledge, we must acquire knowledge of things, beings, phenomena, through study or experience, learn a lot and touched almost all human knowledge, so as not to be foreign to one branch of knowledge. Knowledge is absolute and general in its meaning.

For science, we must know things and study them more deeply, but the science is the knowledge that all men possess, we must limit the scope of its study to a single subject.

For scholarship, we not only have read the ancient authors and modern, but also have knowledge of historic materials, comments, comparing editions, knowing the time and the sources from which these authors have drawn.

For literature, he must have read all knowledge of literature, literary productions of one or several countries, one or more times and he just keep his memory all that This reading has been able to learn and produce on our minds.

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  1. FengFu168 says:

    I don’t remember that I’ve ever posted this article before

    and I know this article doesn’t use my style in writing

    Why the author is FengFu168 -_-

  2. Ugh, something wrong. Yesterday I got same problem like yours, that my article listed as Croix’s. Hmm, I’ll fix the system ASAP.

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