How to teach our children the value of responsibility?

Within this question, simple to make, but complex to answer and especially to achieve, is contained the secret of the perfect education. Dorado sought by all parents, first as a matter of ensuring eternal happiness to his children and then do it because it would be a great triumph vital in terms of paternity.

We are in a global change, intrinsic relationship between the functioning of economies, social organization and the values inherent in human beings with the formative process of the smallest … future generations who transit through … what is this change cycle.

The responsibility key to healthy and balanced life

One of the first steps we must take to teach our children the value of responsibility is … to be responsible.

There is no doubt that children are sponges who absorb everything around them. It is during childhood and adolescence, to a lesser extent where there is greater openness to knowledge, the highest level of absorption of the stimuli around them, so that the transmission to do, the example we set, set the guidelines of type of people they will become our children.

Like any business or entrepreneurial activity to which we face, get our children to be responsible is a long-term work, supported and sustained through the prism of steadfastness, perseverance, and … the example.

Own frustrations and the outside world

Having established that the example is the basic premise from which we must deal with our own frustrations, is the second phase of the process and one of the most important. It should be very clear that the frustrations own unconscious are transmitted so pay very close attention to the consistency and coherence of our actions and our words if we are to establish an enduring pattern of behavior in our children.

Dichotomy between acts and speeches

Enter more fully into this second recommendation. Complex procedure in which the kind of values we want to convey to form responsible and proactive beings, as opposed to what we send in our actions, our response to the stakes of life, our life plan, you must find the point balance and it is here, which produces educational feedback.

There is a unidirectional work education of children, must be open and be aware that your children are feeding you, you are demanding to be consistent and committed not only in their expectations and training requirements, but also with yourself.

As parents, it is essential to be aware that responsibility is a value that is acquired by imitation, mainly by having an example to follow.

Ethic and commitment, key responsibility

“First the obligation and then devotion,” he would repeat my grandfather died years ago when I was little … and if it is true that like all children, it was hard to follow that maxim, it is true also that he fulfilled every date with their obligations for 14 hours a day throughout their lives rather than their devotions. His example became one company in each step I took in my life and, no doubt, was their exercise capacity and level of commitment that is seared in my heart … much more than his words and speeches.

That’s the key: The actions you perform and consistent behavior, is what builds the neural groove in their children.


As every human being the “dark side” also appeals to kids. Adult procrastination is laziness in childhood. The lack of accountability in the adult, is permissive in childhood. The lack of commitment and respect, is arbitrary in childhood.

Children are very fast and are attracted to the dark side, if you leave a good legacy … is consistent, forward an example and a way of life based on responsibility, productivity, honesty and commitment. Only with these values, we can deal with any scenario that is present in life by increasing the chances of being successful … What more could we want parents to our children?

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