How to introduce sex toys into the relationship

If you’re looking forward to using sex toys with your partner but do not have very clear how you will react, the first thing you do is sound out a bit in the field. If you see that is not reluctant, start slowly.

It is important that you plant as a set of two, so you do not feel that the toy in question is a competitor but as a source of pleasure for both. Begin to use clothing, tickling over the clothing.

Then, little by little, when you are accustomed to feel, begin using it in previous games, starting with an intensity alternating with kisses and caresses. You can combine it with masturbation or oral sex, which no doubt and it multiplies very pleasurable sensations.

One trick: wrap the vibrator in a sock or in some clothes, so that the feeling is more soft and slow, which really puts a thousand. By the way, if you dare not currently much, why do not you try the Durex vibrating ring? It’s not as bulky as a vibrator and is a good way to get started in this business of sex toys. Visit Dildos for more sex toys merchandise. But remember, it would be better to have a safe sexual act.

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