How to Apply for Scholarships,grants and Fellowships

more scholarship links,addresses,and help are on the above website for all.

What you must know before applying is important to be clear on the scholarship requirements. After all, you want to be sure you are eligible before you apply for scholarships. If you are not, you are wasting your time, as well as the time of the business or individual offering the scholarship.

In addition to making sure you are eligible before you apply for scholarships, understanding the requirements also helps guide you through the application process. Failure to follow the application requirements correctly when you apply for scholarships will almost certainly result in denial of the scholarship. This can include failure to include a specific form or even filling out the forms with the wrong ink color. Therefore, you absolutely must read all of the requirements and guidelines when you apply for scholarships. If you do not, all of the work you put into the scholarships will be wasted because your application will not even be considered.

If you have heard about a particular scholarship and you are not sure of the requirements, it is perfectly acceptable to write to the company or individual to request an application packet. Even if you do have application guidelines, be sure they are the most current versions before you apply for scholarships. Scholarship guidelines routinely change from year to year.

After you apply for scholarships, be certain to follow up with a telephone call. At the very minimum, you should call to make sure the application has been received. This is a time consuming part of the application process, but well worth the effort. The companies or individuals offering the scholarships most likely have dozens or even hundreds of applications to sort through. Making a follow up phone call is one way to make sure your name is remembered. Therefore, making sure the applications have been received is an essential step when you apply for scholarships.

If a particular post-secondary institution has already accepted you as a student, you might also apply for scholarships offered through the college or university. To learn about possible scholarship opportunities, contact the financial aid office of the institution. Once again, be certain to follow the guidelines exactly as they are described in the scholarship packet and personally check up on the scholarship application if possible.

Both a fellowship and a scholarship are considered grants, and sometimes the terms may be used interchangeably. Most fellowships are also scholarships, but scholarships may not be fellowships. Some differences exist between a fellowship and a scholarship, but these can be variable and depend upon the grant-giving organization.

A fellowship and a scholarship are usually differentiated because scholarships tend to be given to undergraduate college students, primarily for the purpose of general education expenses. They may be limited as to the type of major a student has, but most are more general and award gifts of money for education based on superior school performance. Some also take into account need, or may require specific skills. The Miss USA pageant and Miss America pageant are both scholarship programs. Women who win these pageants receive money to continue their education at the undergraduate or graduate level.

In many cases, you don?t need to get into a swimsuit in order to win a scholarship. Most are based on application only, and any qualifications that make you particularly eligible to receive the scholarship. There are many peculiar conditions which may make you eligible for a scholarship: your last name, your status as a single parent, your possessing a disabling condition, or your specific research goals as a student. More general scholarships given by countries and states may be given to students who will attend school full time, have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least a B average, and who can demonstrate financial need.

One difference between a fellowship and a scholarship is that most fellowships are not based on need. They are usually based on skill, GPA, and qualifications to work in a certain field. Another distinction between a fellowship and a scholarship, is that most fellowships are payment for some type of work, such as teaching at the college level, while obtaining a master?s degree or Ph.D, or doing extra training in a hospital to earn board certification as a specialist in a certain field of medicine after an M.D. has been earned. Fellowships tend to pay for internships or fieldwork, so that students, usually at the graduate level, can enhance their training in their field of interest.

There are some paid internships available to students at the undergraduate level. These may qualify as both a fellowship and a scholarship, or they may simply be referred to as scholarships. Many of the country?s top museums offer fellowship and intern opportunities to students at the undergraduate level, usually in their junior or senior year of college.

The fellowship further implies a limited timeline and a stated period of months in which work or internships will be completed and people will be paid. The main difference here between a fellowship and a scholarship is that most scholarships last for at least a semester in school, though some may be given more generally to pay for school expenses. Fellowships can last for a few days, a few weeks, a couple of months, a year, or a couple of years depending upon the scope of the work involved, and they normally pay in increments, by monthly stipend, instead of awarding the total amount of money at one time.

How to Apply for a Scholarship-simple tips

Finding a Scholarship

First most important thing is that you should know what kinds of scholarships and jobs around. Because if you don?t know about the scholarships then how will you apply? Therefore, make a good collection of scholarships websites. Some are top websites are listed here.

Application Tips

First impression is the last Impression:

Always make a nice, clean and organised application folder. It will give employers the impression that you an organised person.

Apply in First Round:

Always apply well before the application deadline. Most of the employers do their research and make their minds before calling someone for interview. Therefore give them plenty of time.

Check the Eligibilities:

There is no question of applying for a position if you are not eligible.

Arrange all documents in order:

If sending printed application, then arrange your documents in line as described in application form.

If sending online then convert all your documents in to PDF formats.

list can be as follows:

Cover letter
BSc. And MSc. Transcripts
GRE/TOEFL scores
Scholarship forms
Essays or SOP
Letters of recommendation
Others requested by the employer

Letters of recommendations should be sealed and signed by your referees

Read your application carefully:

Always read your application carefully or ask someone to read and comment on it.

Make sure your application is complete:

Sending incomplete application will be disastrous. Always make sure that your application is complete.

Sending application:

Always use secured postal services where you can track your application and make sure your application has been received.

Now you have applied. What to do now?

Simply wait, but don?t stop here, because you never know whats going to happen with your application. Keep applying for new scholarships in your area of interest.

If you get selected for interview?

Well done, you have done a great job. Now prepare for the interview.
Our interview tips coming soon.

If Not get selected for interview?

Don?t worry, it happens with every one.

Check your application again and see what?s wrong? Make it better and apply again.

Key is keep applying.

?The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.? Ferdinand Foch

Please feel free to ask and post if you have any questions.

Good luck.

Julius .B.Ogunbiyi is an author and infopreneur.He specializes in scholarship counseling and education pursuit at all levels.

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Julius .B.Ogunbiyi is an author and infopreneur.He specializes in scholarship counseling and education pursuit at all levels.

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  1. david88at says:

    Scholarships that are pushing a POV are not education, its indoctrination.

    I agree that there are environmental issues, many of them, but I am not seeing them tackled by the UN/COP15.

  2. 11 students? the number 11 doesn’t have masonic significance does it? no, not at all. It’s just a nice round number.

    it doesn’t resemble twin towers at all!
    and it doesn’t echo the 11 israeli athletes killed at the Munich Olympics.

    These are all just clearly random things not controlled by the masons!

    If these people are doing Masters’ they might have the intelligence to notice that the IPCC global warming report is rubbish.

  3. truvelocity says:

    Captions for the deaf, would be great.

  4. sirus10 says:


  5. david88at says:

    This is ridiculous, a scholarship founded on science that is NOT widely agreed on and proved to be based (at least in part) on fiddled science. Not only that but this view has done all it can to shut out all opposition. Science should be democratic too, not a dictatorship where those who do not agree with the ruling body are cast as lunatics and cooks.

  6. TrutherD1 says:

    Hey, there’s a secret aerosol spraying program going on worldwide. Search “chemtrails”, “Dont talk about the weather” and “Endgame HQ”. Check my chan – I watched it happen. Wake up, wake others, we need ya.

  7. Zainu M says:

    Well a scholarship is a reward for good hard work. Its a way to make college tuition easier on your parents. Its not something that you will just get its something that you earn. You will compete against thousands of other kids that want the same scholarship and you have to prove that you are the best one for the reward and that you will use it wisely….review boards will not give it to a student that did nothing in school and has no potential of getting a degree.

    Grades are important! Good grades show a student that is serious about getting a good education and improving their life. Volunteering is another great opportunity to earn a scholarship…volunteering shows selflessness, willing to give of your own time to improve the lives of other in your community. Then there is always leadership scholarship, this you have to show leadership skills, you can do this by holding an office in one of your schools after school programs such as FCCLA or FCA.

    I worked hard to get and keep my scholarships, its not something that you can just hope that its given to you. You have to work hard and prove that you deserve the scholarship.

  8. Cupcake says:

    its easy and most famous,u can draw a house[villa] in the corner and a big tree on the other corner ,draw a nest on the tree.paint the ground green colour to look as if it is a grass.
    hope it is fine

  9. Anonymous says:

    Give your dad the tuition bill when you don't get the scholarship. That will motivate him.

  10. I agree CAPTIONS for the deaf,would be important.

  11. You might be eligible for 100% scholarships. Or 70% scholarship and 30% work-study. Tell them you are willing to work in the campus food service..

  12. John says:

    Some scholarships are paid directly to you. These are usually not related to the college you're attending. Most scholarships are paid directly to the college.

    In most cases, you get "financial aid Christmas" — that's a day each semester when we get all of the excess financial aid money in our financial aid account. ?

    Caution though – many scholarships are need based. That means if you get another scholarship that covers cost, you no longer have "need" and drop that one.

    Know too – very often, if there is excess money (above tuition) in your financial aid account, you can charge your books to that account at the campus bookstore. There may be an application fee to allow this – look into it. Otherwise, you have to buy your books out of your pocket well before 'financial aid Christmas'.

  13. gia m says:

    Contact your local high school counselor, they should have all the info you need.

  14. Life experiences, hardships, sad stories about how you are the first in your family to go to college. Reasons about why and how you plan to succeed in life, how you want to take care of your mom.

  15. Pineapple says:

    Even though a 3.1 GPA is great, a lot of scholarships like to single out the 3.5 and above.

    Have you considered tuition waivers from your college or program you are in?

    There are certain programs, unfortunately, that just simply do not have the funding or endorsement that others do, and some programs, unfortunately, are just simply going to cost more out of your own pocket.

    I would get with your college counselor, and see if they can shed any new light for you.

    Best of luck!!!

  16. Jann D says:

    That sounds like a wonderful undertaking!

    Here's an article on setting up Scholarship Funds… it includes some suggested resources, which will probably be helpful:

    Here's a link to an FAQ (frequently asked questions) regarding setting up scholarships:

    Good luck!

  17. david88at says:

    This is like the Rhodes Scholarships X100. A scholarship set up to specifically push a view that IS NOT consensus. The climate scientists providing validation for AGW are resigning and facing investigation because they have been found to be fixing the data to fit their aims. DON’T just accept the whitewash and “debunking”, check the files for yourself and you will find what they are really about.

  18. Hey, I found this site on Google and found it quite informative and just wanted to say thank you for providing information.

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