Holistic education: a different option

education-holisticThe holistic approach to education is relatively young, born in the 90’s when it was legitimized in the Chicago Statement on Education, led by Philip Snow Gang. In the year 1993 was rectified in the International Conference on Holistic Education in Mexico, where he was born one of the fathers of this method, Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava.

What is the holistic approach?

Their precursors as defined as a process of restructuring of the educational methods in all aspects, which is based on establishing a science that has no borders.

Holistic theory has been influenced by three trends: the perennial philosophy, new scientific paradigms and the most important contribution of teachers and educators that humanity has ever known.
Human knowledge is considered in six dimensions: social, cognitive, physical, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual.

This new educational paradigm is not associated with any religious belief, ritual or dogma, does not deny the spirituality, but by definition, does not believe in the institutions that manipulate human thought and feeling through different methods. For the holistic spirit is the consciousness that man has of himself in the world and the universe in general, is the very nature of man.

In 2005 more than 3,000 educators from around the world signed the World Declaration on Education for the Twenty Holista “, written by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava. At that meeting established base and core thirteen points that mark the path you walk this paradigm in the current century.

New educational paradigm

Given the times we live in, it recognizes the need to change current patterns of education, outdated mechanical bank, a new educational paradigm more suited to the times.

Learning Communities

It seeks to promote communities that involve all stakeholders, educators, students, parents, administrators and employers engaged in carrying out an educational process of continuous learning and meaningful. It is important to make clear that all are learning in this process as learning and collaboration are conducted in a community setting that creates a unity through diversity.

Learning styles and multiple intelligence

In contrast to the concept of intelligence associated with logical and mathematical skills, we believe in multiple intelligence, namely logical-mathematical intelligence is only one of many types of intelligence which man possesses.

Integral Education

It is considered that comprehensive education is best, an interactive and harmonious education, including at all, creating a better sense of humanity.

Universal love

This concept aims to train men and women in solidarity, which together assist in feeding a more peaceful human spirit, open to dialogue and agreement, a Democrat, compassionate, and so on.

Winning in education

The holistic paradigm pursued so that everyone wins, everyone is well. This education begins in the classroom, where the model was far more of winner and loser.

Sustainable Development

It is believed that this is the only way to guarantee the good of society, the foundation is there enough for everyone and for everyone to accept living with enough.

Man as a multidimensional spiritual heart

Education should take into account a development in harmony with various human aspects.

Education as an evolutionary process of consciousness

The main objective of this educational paradigm is the development of human beings with a consciousness evolved, more complete, compassionate, as opposed to theories of instrumental rationality.


On the basis of recognition of the human being as being complex and multidimensional, provide an education that would enable it to perceive the world as a unit.

Lifelong learning, meaningful and comprehensive

The learning process develops throughout life and therefore goes beyond the classroom as well, if we take this into account the teacher is also an apprentice, so that teaching is only part of the learning total.

The new mission of the educator

The educator must work on the basis of modern society (interdependent society), therefore, must work on relationships and connections to integrate the whole. Search, find and use new ways and styles to teach and learn, help to achieve unity through diversity valued.

Moral development

Individuals achieve moral development to elementary and strategic in order to achieve a society that is more peaceful and just, a development that will also end poverty and economic inequality.

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