Find Private Label Soap Manufacturers at SFIC Corporation

Want to get a suitable soap for your body but don’t know where to find private label soap manufacturers? SFIC Corporation comes to you as the best solution. SFIC Corporation is a well-known soap producer company since 1967. For 40 years, SFIC Corporation’s objectives are producing high quality soap and satisfying its customers.

SFIC Corporation will assist you to the best soap for you. SFIC Corporation allows you to combine the finest ingredients that SFIC Corporation provides. Further you can add your own ingredients in a melt and pour soap bases. Cocoa butter, clear shop, hemp seed, honey, white, and much more are some example bases; on the other side colors, essential oils, fragrances, and much more are some additive substances. You are also able to find the most luxurious soaps manufactured by private label soap manufactures that SFIC Corporation offered.

SFIC Corporation will receive your order with minimum order of 7 cases for you who desire to find the perfect soap for you. Each case will consist of 36 one pound blocks. Moreover, mixing and matching among the different type can be included in your order. There is a sample pack for the first time customers before they decide to buy in a large number. You can visit SFIC Corporation at if there are any further questions about the products. SFIC Corporation is happy to help you.

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