Factors to take into consideration when hiring an SEO

I think the discipline of positioning in the search engines will never die. So if you are already living a transformation that do not know what will result, and probably many of the optimization strategies for today’s search engines are unlikely to have any kind of effectiveness in the future (and there have been many of these changes the birth of the young discipline to the present).

Good visibility in a search engine is as important as the window of our store occupies the best intersection of the shopping area of a capital. Even better, since that would showcase really showing the public that was interested in the products we sell. Fortunately, today’s search engines are not the only powerful source of traffic to our site, but if we talk about attracting customers to our website, it is essential to work in search engine optimization and for this we must get down to work to try to occupy the best positions in the results of different search criteria related to achieving our objectives.

If our company structure we do not have the figure of SEO agency and we considered hiring an outside agency or freelance to occupy the best positions possible in the pages of search engine results, what is it that we should keep in mind about this SEO?

  • Their experience and success stories throughout his career. The brands for which one has worked SEO can help us put our trust in him, but we can find great professionals who have not had the opportunity to work for reputable companies with real examples and show the sites where he has worked and how the web is positioned in different business-related criteria taking into account the competence with which it has faced in each case (with the number of results that appear in every search we can get a good idea of the competition). There is, moreover, a handful of “CPA publisher network” that any of them have even published his own book on the shelves of bookstores digital marketing and yet not have a single well positioned web. Curious.
  • His involvement with the company behind the website should be continuous. A good SEO might be a case of having to be in contact with those responsible for the portal to position regularly. And within the company can reach the department to coordinate content, the technology, the communication, layout and Social Media (provided that all these exist) to improve search engine rankings. Or, if what is being asked is a consultancy report, may be the case that the specifications are made on the improvements have to involve all these departments.
  • A good SEO should make recommendations on the various routes to be followed when submitting the contents of your site and how to disseminate them but they are business leaders who must tell the expert what is positioning the business and therefore guide you in what aspects of it are to be positioned as best as possible, in this case they will suggest for link building service. An SEO should not have the ability to redirect the business established.
  • It is essential that we provide the evolution of their results. The trend is translated into an increase in generating qualified web traffic. If this traffic decreased by less than six months, simply should not pay for their services.
  • It is always necessary that the search engine optimizer to report on how your competition to know where you seize the opportunities of visibility for this.
  • Beware of promises that claim to be among the top three search results by any standards. Simply put, if an SEO or agency promises you this: They’re cheating!
  • Do not get overwhelmed by reports of huge numbers and words difficult to understand. A good SEO should know why inform each and every one of the stocks that make up its strategy and they all have great logic. All you need to know to do is communicate to those responsible for a site to know why it is necessary to carry them out. Beware of ill-advised techniques called Black Hat.
  • Also wary of the phrase “I’ve been doing the same and has never failed me.” Since SEO is a constantly evolving and, as mentioned earlier in this post. What makes few months or perhaps years worked, now it can even be penalized by the search engines (as the case of May Day Update of Google).
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