Exercises to combat fluid retention

Fluid retention is a problem that primarily affects women, a problem that worsens during pregnancy, in the days before menstruation, prolonged standing or sitting, and so on. Because of this, our legs swell and lose some of its beauty and the scale went up to see that your weight has increased, so that sometimes weight loss diets are not effective.

To combat this, in addition to introducing our foods rich in potassium which helps to eliminate retained fluids by its diuretic effect, we can perform a series of exercises that will help us achieve this:

  • Lying on the floor face up, place your hands under your buttocks to prevent arch your back. Then go up the legs ninety degrees and move them as you’re walking. The action of gravity along with the movement will help to eliminate liquids and hone your legs. Make some twenty, never forcing.
  • Lying in the same position last year, up the legs and lower them ninety degrees. It is important that controls the movement to not hurt you. If you find it too hard, you can modify. In this case the legs up to ninety degrees and then bring together about forty-five degrees, to return to the starting position. Make some twenty repetitions.
  • Lying face up, as in previous years, up the legs ninety degrees. Then the foot flexes and stretches, feeling the movement in the instep. If you want to enhance the effect, give yourself a little massage on the instep between two series. Do three sets of five push-ups standing with each leg.
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