English Studies! about present tenses

Maybe some of you faced a difficulty in tenses studies. You may be confused what tenses should you use and for which sentences, right? As a student, i realize that too..

So here i`ll explain all the tenses (16 tenses)

But, in this passage, i`ll explain 2 tenses first, about the two basic of present tenses include simple present and present continuous!

This is the two basic tenses that i got since elementary school

Here we goes..

1. Simple present tense (S-V-O)

* to talk about habit that we do and be continued till now (but that doesn`t mean we do it right now, at this moment)

e.g: I always play basketball every sunday

(This is my habit. Every sunday, i play basketball.)

* to talk about truth and general fact

e.g: Sun rise from the east

(We all know that sun rise from the east, and it can`t be change)

—but pay attention to the form of this tense!!—

~for subject : i, you, we, they, the verb not change.

Negative form and the question form change and looked at this example.

e.g : They go to Bali every week (+)

They do not go to Bali every week (-)? => add do not/ don`t

Do they go to Bali every week? (?)

~for subject : he, she, it, the verb change but depend on that verb itself.

For verbs that ends with o and y, like go, study, etc.. You should add -es.

And for the other verbs, you should add -s, look at this examples.

e.g : She goes to Japan every year (+)

She does not go to Japan every year (-)? => look at verb “go”! -es is disappear because it was taken by do!

Does she go to Japan every year? (?)

He eats mango every day (+)

He does not eat mango every day (-) => Look at verb “eat” -s is disappear because it was taken by do!

Does he eat mango every day? (?)

2. Present continuous tense (S- tobe(is/am/are) – V-ing)

For subject : i, use tobe => am

For subject : you, we, they, use tobe => are

For subject : he, she, it, use tobe => is

* To talk about activity that we do right now! But that activity not always be a habit.

e.g : She is playing computer now (+)

She is not playing computer now (-) => add “not” behind the to be for negative form

Is she playing computer now? (?)

* To talk about activity that we do in th time of process.

e.g : I am learning? Japanese right now

(I am not learning when i talked, but i am in the process of learning? japanese)

—-Pay attention for this form of the tense—

I said verb, but in fact not all verb can be used for this tense!!

~The verb that can`t be used such as, love, like,? believe, hate, understand, etc (usually, verb that involved with feelings,? or emotion) OR verb hear (x) => listen (v), see (x) => look (v) (verb of sensory)

In that verb, we use simple present tense

e. g : I am loving? you (X) => I love you (v)

(if you use present continuous, that means, i only love you for now. Tomorrow, maybe i don`t love you anymore)

~ for some verb, it may be a confusion in using it. So you must use your logic to see whether it`s right or not.

e. g : The lady is falling from the bus (x)

(If we fall, the process is so fast and sudden! So spontaneous. Maybe we see that lady have already fallen, but not the process)

e.g : The leaves are falling from that tree (v)

(That leaves is falling slowly, and there`s a process of it.)

Okay, we`ll continue our lesson

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