Disadvantage and risks of USA server

United States has the largest number of links (with the highest power available) to the Internet available to everyone. In the United States hosts the major sites, including government sites, news agencies, corporations, and multinationals. Many times we receive questions about whether to have servers in the U.S. implies disadvantages for Hispanic users. The answer is NO! host sites in the United States no risk or disadvantage of any kind. On the other hand, has advantages. The quality of the data center (infrastructure where servers are housed web hosting) of the United States of America is abysmally greater than that of data centers in South America, for example.

In addition to the advantages with respect to infrastructure and power that your site may have to stay on servers in the United States of America, also have to mention the price factor. Generally the cost of dedicated infrastructure outside the United States of America is at least double compared to the price of having an infrastructure in the country housed above. And do not forget that the cost is at least twice does not mean that the case for better solutions, but the business development and demand for such solutions as developed countries like the United States of America causes this difference.

It is not in any sense then to understand that the higher cost is directly related to quality as to meet the minimum quality levels are provided in the United States of America often needs to spend 10 times more than necessary in a infrastructure in the country mentioned above. Often our customers are concerned about positioning on Google regarding the location of the hosting server. While Google has said that the location of the IP is taken into account, has also made clear that it is a secondary standard, so Google prioritizes content and links from this type of situation.

Both have discussed the matter, which has concluded that the location of the IP really worth taking time to show results Google is selected regions. Since this option is rarely used by others (only a small percentage use it, and does not represent in any case a potential loss of customers), to host your website in the U.S. today do not represent any risk, however, advantages over servers located in other countries.

On the issue latencies (time taken to reach a particular server from a computer) there is a clear illustration of our theory: whereas the average latency to servers in the U.S. does not usually exceed 200 ms (milliseconds) usually is given If servers in Argentina, being visited from Chile (walking distance) obtained a latency sometimes twice a server hosted in USA, which shows clearly that there is poor connectivity within the region.

If you had doubts to host your website on servers in the U.S., no doubt you more. Millions of sites do it and trust the world’s most important infrastructure for their business. What do you expect to do so?

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