Crystal Singing Bowls for sale

Quartz crystal singing bowls are a special type of instrument all over themselves, and while they may share some things in common with their counterparts in Tibetan metal bowl, they have their own distinct history, properties, qualities healing, and uses. Read on to know the way by which the quartz crystal bowls came into being, how they are the only special, and they are mainly used for.

What makes them special?

Crystal bowls are made of pure quartz. The human body is said to have many crystal structures, such as our bones, DNA, blood and even parts of the brain, and these structures have a natural resonance with quartz. Even our cells contain silica, the substance found in quartz. These natural affinities make this crystal singing bowls naturally healing our body. Quartz bowls, unlike their Tibetan counterparts, may also be granted to a specific note. This makes them perfect for healing and focused sound balance specific chakras.


Although Tibetan bowls have been used for spiritual and religious purposes, crystal singing bowls are rooted in a more modern origin and, some would say, completely different. These bowls quartz entered production in the 1980s as a byproduct of the computer industry. They were used to keep computer chips that must be heated to extremely high temperatures. Scientists are actually discarded after use! After a while, someone realized that these crystal bowls, being made ​​of pure quartz, must have special healing qualities and began to acquire and sell these by-products in the computer industry on their own.

How they are made

The bowls are made by a special process and quite complex. First, the purest sources of silica sand is collected for the manufacturing process. Then the sand is placed in a centrifuge heated to over 4000 degrees centigrade mold. This process melts and fuses the sand particles into a solid crystal. After that, the crystal is tuned to a specific note, so strong that it is noticeable even 2000 meters. The sound quality of crystal singing bowls compete with high quality instruments ever produced.

These are just a few facts about the special qualities of quartz crystal singing bowls, and as you explore more, you’ll be sure to find many of the most fascinating pieces of information about these objects.

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