Choosing material for bath accessories

Soap dispenser and cup for toothbrushes at least, are almost indispensable in the bathroom by the sink at least for me, actually I like if I have enough space to have more accessories, baskets or trays, conventional soap, cotton … I’ve lived in several homes and each have had one or more sets of organizers bathroom, I tried lots of styles and materials

Different and I find that almost all have pros and cons.

Usually when choosing this type of accessories we are carried away by fashion, a few years ago were very fashionable acrylics, ceramics were then trend, also the metal and chrome … recently wood and natural fibers have also incorporated materials of this upgrade, there is so much variety that it becomes difficult to decide, the choice of several issues to consider.

Wood and natural fibers are very nice, warm, elegant … at first seems an attractive option for bathroom accessories, sometimes even comes bundled with leather trim, the truth is that the aesthetic design is great, but there to think about the use, if we acquire this kind of accessories, we should be very careful with the moisture in the area in which we place, however well it is treated wood or natural fibers, moisture always ends up damaging them.

In addition to that water can end up distorting our attachments, whether wood or fibers have been dyed may also make fade, this is very annoying, because not only deteriorate our complement to lose their color, but we stain the sink and his top when fading, we check it before you buy with no colored dye that can be as resistant to moisture, but the purchase does not compensate us.

Glass and ceramic materials in general, are one of the most popular choices in accessories for the bathroom, in terms of clear glass is really nice, when we see the empty bottles, but when we take care filled with color soap, because I will be visible all the time we are cleaning and drying or glass even mark all water stains with soap or toothpaste … In this sense opaque ceramics are more sustained.

But ceramics have a clear problem and the ease with which they break, I consider myself a careful person, but even with all the care a little bump, a soft ceramic slip … and exploded or a broken corner, also at home always gets more people will not be long until our beautiful set ceramic bathroom accessories look like the saint of the croques, that does not mean we can not buy, the price is not high and therefore a frequent renewal, we the problem solved.

Metal to say, I am a lover of steel, has always struck me as more hygienic, discreet and elegant, but it must be of good quality, ie, must be completely stainless metal fittings can not buy cheaper, we need something we ensure that in the bath with water and moisture will not cause damage, if not eventually accessories, not just rusting, staining orange but still above the surface on which to rely.

For very dry we want to have this kind of accessories, however much the clean up and dry them often, it is inevitable that the use is wet and damp and I’ve seen on several houses, soap dispensers that will inevitably end up oxidize which must be thrown away and buy new accessories, typical example of saying what you pay.

So in the case of not wanting to make a great investment I have decided that there is nothing better than acrylics, are in the color you want from transparent to black through drawings, stripes, flowers, polka dots … Also intense solid colors , fluorescent … Also chrome, but chrome just about to go very quiet can last about five years … That is, the choice is quite finished, as well as acrylics will not rust or break, that’s their advantage over the metal and ceramic respectively.

Not deteriorate with moisture, can be applied to them any cleaner, even bleach, this is the advantage they have with respect to wood and natural fibers, ultimately have a lot of advantages, the only drawback is that being cheaper, such as plastics, are associated with lower quality or elegance, but to me that I do not care and I look most comfortable in every way, so they are the ones I use now, I renew every so often when I tired of them but do not give me any problems.

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