All About GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) monitors have a multitude of legitimate uses, but they have also provoked controversy and yet they diminish privacy. Some customers of car rental companies have complained that their movements were monitored without their consent by the installation of GPS vehicle tracking systems in rental vehicles. However, the positive uses of this technology have, at least so far outweigh the negatives.


Fitness enthusiasts use GPS Tracking devices to measure distances remaining in marathons, and back-country hikers use to prevent getting lost (or facilitate rescue if they already are). Police can enforce restraining orders and parole conditions by stopping criminals from stalking victims and being in neighborhoods (such as playgrounds nearby) where they are banned. Lost and stolen vehicles can be located by simply pressing a button. Parents can use GPS vehicle tracking to check the driving habits of teenagers to ensure that these inexperienced drivers are not speeding or otherwise endangering themselves and their passengers. And GPS in-car navigation systems can guide drivers through unfamiliar terrain to their destination.

Information Loggers (Passive Tracking)

These basic systems are for companies or individuals seeking recognition of an asset or even the location in person during a given period, without the ability or the cost of monitoring in real time. They are useful for fleet management.

GPS vehicle tracking eliminates moonlighting with company vehicles. It reduces accidents and reduces insurance premiums by promoting employees of safe driving habits. GPS location of the vehicle creates reports of miles driven by each vehicle. Fleet management that will reduce the fuel bill of the company and increase miles driven per gallon of fuel. Some GPS systems even have maintenance modules to inform the fleet manager when each vehicle is due for an oil change or tire rotation.

Real-time tracking (Active)

This allows users to watch the progress of persons or goods traveling in real time from their PC. This option is more expensive because of the cost of devices, programs and air-time charges for communication between the PC and assets. It is used, for example, a taxi company to dispatch the nearest available vehicle to a customer.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dash-Mounted GPS Units Benefits

The screen is large with a higher resolution, which are easy to read at a glance, even in low light more sophisticated models have features such route recalculation if the driver deviates from the planned route

  1. Large buttons for ease of use while driving;
  2. Unit is securely attached to your vehicle to thwart theft;
  3. Some units have voice instructions that communicate at a distance, street names, and direction of next turn thus keeping the driver’s eyes on the road rather than on the screen;
  4. No batteries required, runs away from car battery;
  5. Search addresses capacity;
  6. Some units have a individual address book to store locations for fast and simple;
  7. Advanced mapping capabilities;
  8. Better reception outside the city;
  9. Enhances the resale value of cars;


  1. Difficult to remove the vehicle if you decide to use elsewhere;
  2. Largest ecological footprint in / on dashboard;
  3. Too big for use by bikers, kayakers or hikers;
  4. More expensive.

Hopefully these tips will help you find the best unit for your needs among all the different vehicle GPS tracking units available.

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