Achieving a perfect nude nail

If we look a manicure to beautify our hands but we can also look for any occasion, whether professional or personal, it’s best to decide for natural nail manicure or nude, which also has the advantage that it can be combined with any outfit dress or complement, so that will help you always look picture perfect.

This manicure is also a good option when you beautify fingers and would like to lengthen, as the optical effect and purge and therefore, extension, besides let the rings and other accessories that look on the hands are much more visible if you bring a more intense color.

To be perfect, the first thing you should do is file your nails and give them a slightly oval with the file, which will help to make your fingers look longer.

Then remove any previous enamel. It is important that you do it carefully, especially if you used a anterior4mente nail polish very intense color. If the remover is not enough, you can use an orange stick to remove any debris. The next step is to introduce the nails in a little warm water with glycerin for about three minutes and then with water massage with a little sugar. Thus peels, making the surface is completely smooth. Ends by clean hands with warm water.

If you’re afraid to get out by applying nail polish, you can set the limits with zeal transparent. Then apply two coats of enamel nude, making sure that the first is dry before applying the second and ends with a transparent protective shine and make your hands even more attractive. If you’re not sure what tone to use, the same as your foundation will be perfect in your hands.

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