A guide to improving academic performance

academic performance
Study, learn, incorporate knowledge does not automatically generate academic success. Also influence other variables that must always be taken into account. It’s about learning and able to show that we know who we evaluated. How? Following some of the tips suggested in these lines.

  • The learning does not come without method anywhere. Develops a method of study, draw a plan on your priorities and how you will develop your actions towards the study, with its deadlines and objectives
  • Use a technique to study can be useful, but a technique that can assume, that you can integrate your habits. More to read quickly, for example, strive to understand, even if you go slower. If there is anything you do not understand, you can skip it, write it down on the sidelines or in notes and address it with more ease and patience later
  • Do not study at a stretch, take your time and adjust your pace to your body than your body, your mind naturally, without impositions and thus better assimilate the contents. Keep in mind that there are times when you perform better and others where you are going to underperform. Eat properly, take it into account. Breaks and a half hour or hour are very good. The hours of study with colleagues, can be used more because they or you can clear doubts and encourage each other

    Have you thought about the possibility to record your voice reciting the issues that have to study? You may find it useful as well. Note that the rigid positions adopted by studying your body may be a setback and can be result at muscle problems that can result in difficulties to continue the task after the study
  • If it happens that the study blocks you, keeps you from further assimilating the content because you are saturated, and leave when you are more predisposed from learning and rested. Remember that it is not reasonable to leave the preparation for the final tasks, get organized, take your time, but do it within a curriculum to your needs
  • It’s good to plan the study and address the same technique. When you need to do extensive readings of topics is good first, give a first read. Then a second read while stressing the central ideas of the text and finally by a scheme with those core ideas and concepts that you have underlined. Then read directly from the outline or summary
  • A variant of this is that you first make a summary and then an outline of the summary. This method fails to make a study in which first tried to learn the core concepts and then go from the general to the particular. That is, once you learn the basics, you can delve into those particular aspects, details and issues that will enrich your learning in particular subject
  • As a last point, you should consider during the year, so that later when you have to submit a final paper or examination, the study is not so heavy. If you’re studying for the year you can have a quieter end of the year and review what you studied in the year, everything will be easier
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