3 Tips For Taking Piano Lessons From Home

Finding time to go to a piano lesson can be difficult also, people are busy today. With all that said, the logical choice is to be no doubt, learn to play piano on your own.

Many students are nervous to try to learn piano on your own. They believe that learning through an instructor is the only way. I agree it’s worth having a piano teacher, but if you simply can not afford it, then it is logical to consider their own learning. Learning to play is one of the best decisions you will!

Here are three techniques piano tips to get you started:

1. Keep it Simple
If you are literally starting from the first time, select songs to play that are for beginners. The last thing I want you to do is get frustrated when trying to play a song that is above their level. Look for some simple and familiar songs to start with and then progress to more difficult then playing parts.

2. Work pace
Many beginners have trouble with rhythm. The rhythm is basically keeping up with the song that’s playing. One might think that the pace should come easy, but it is difficult for many pianists. Invest in a metronome if you really have trouble keeping a steady rhythm while playing.

3. The chords are better
Although they are a bit boring (especially if you were thinking to start playing works by Mozart!), Chords are one of the best things to learn when you first start, and even after moving a bit. The basic chords are a great base to everything else you learn throughout the process.

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