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Learn The Italian Language With Ease

Pasta, Ti Amo, Prego are three words from Italy. Italy?s language is called Italian and learning this language is more like reading every English syllables of every word. The Italian language is fairly easy to understand and learn since some words can be recognized easily the moment it is mentioned. Some Italian words are even […]

some crazy story, which really happened in my class~

In the English lab…. miss: reach your dream… Charlie: My dream is building a house under the sea. Dio : Later I’ll build a house on the air (not ‘in’, I don’t know what he meant) Jethro : I’ll build a bird’s nest at my neighbor’s house! Filbert : Aah, you’re all stupid la. I’ll […]

Learn simple Japanese II

Now we`ll learn about how to introduce yourself in japanese ^^ Hiragana/Katakana??????????????? Romaji?????????????????????????? Translation ?????????????????? Hajimemashite??????????????????????? Nice to meet you (first sentence) ?????????????????????????? Watashi???????????????????????????? ????????? I ??????????????? Doozo Yoroshiku???? ?????????????? Nice to meet you (last sentence) ?????????????????????? ?? Anata???????????????????????????????????????? ?? You *** ????????????????? Nihon-jin??????????????????????????????? Japanese ?????????????? Chuugoku-jin??????????????????????? Chinese ???? ??????????? Amerika-jin????????????????????????? American

GCE ‘O’ Level

This is a post about an education? programme in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, or Malta. Now, i am also attending this O Level, because it is good and i want to study overseas. After i finished this O level, i will get a special certificate that i? can use for applying to some college […]

time passes by so fast

Whoa, time passes by so quickly >.< It’s already November, and next month will be December ==: I like December, especially christmas! XD But… I have Semester exams before christmas comes =.=” This is a short post, since I gotta study for my remedial exams, =p see ya around~

the best university in Indonesia!( in my opinion, hehehe)

Some of you must be in last grade in senior high school, right? And you are going to university next year? But, you are confused where university you want to go? these are some list of university for you all! – UI : This is the best public university in Jakarta until now, it has […]

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